‘DCTRY’ is pronounced like the word ‘directory’.

As you would expect, the website is a directory in function, allowing users to effortlessly find a suitable, high quality scenery for their chosen flight simulator application.

3 founders developed DCTRY. Greg Calderin, Calum Martin and David Waldron Jr.

You can find more about them via our About page.

No. DCTRY is a tool to help the community find new products in an engaging way. We offer links to third-parties, which the community can buy the product from. 


Nope, none! Zip, nada, nil, zilch.

Signing up to DCTRY is free. It has been designed as a tool anyone can use. 

An account isn’t needed, but some features are only accessible to those with one.

You first need to register for an account with DCTRY, but make sure you use a company email address.

You can then click here to register as a developer. We’ll then verify your identity and once done so, we’ll approve your account to add products. 

Details on how to add products will be provided on your developer account.

We have various pages already available for multiple YouTube and Twitch streamers. They server as another portal for those looking to engage with their favourite online personality.

If you’re regularly stream online, you can reach out to us and we can work with you to create a great custom page.

We’re always looking for fresh talent to join our dedicated and passionate team.

Head to our contact page to reach out to us with your skills and experience.

We love ideas and suggestions on how to improve on what we’ve already spent a huge amount of hours trying to perfect that.

You can contact us with your feedback.


Simply type in either an airport name, developer, ICAO or IATA code and then click the button. Monkeys will then work behind the scenes scrabbling up the data and feed it back to you via our innovative map system.

Sure! We’ve built a feature for people just like you. Check out the “Inspire Me” menu to find somewhere new to enjoy.

The sub-menus will allow you to choose just what type of flying you’re looking for; want a challenging approach? There’s an option for that!

We also list some categories on our home page to inspire you.

Yes, but you’ll miss out on a number of key features, such as the ability to compile a list of the spyware airport sceneries that you own, write reviews for them, and compare live pricing of an add-on between multiple simulator stores.

When you choose to contribute to the DCTRY listings, you expose your products to a huge viewership of simmers who are actively looking for a new scenery. Sometimes these simmers aren’t even looking for something specific – we offer an “Inspire Me” function to provide suggestions to users on which product they may like to try next.

We’ll also give you real-time stats to show the reach of your product listings.

We also have ways for you to promote your listings to our audience.


Simply type in either an airport name, developer, ICAO or IATA code and then click the button. Monkeys will then work behind the scenes scrabbling up the data and feed it back to you via our innovative map system.

We track sceneries from all three major, modern simulators – Prepar3D v4, X-Plane 11, and Aerofly FS 2.

Some software developed for the above platforms may be backward compatible with older simulators. Yes, even the 18 FS9 users may find something.

Since we source products globally, prices will be in a variety of exchange rates. As DCTRY is a US based business, we decided that the best thing to do would be to convert all pricing to a standard USD format. That way the price you search for will be consistent. 

When you go into a product’s page ,you will see the local currency of that store.

We use Open Exchange Rates to convert the prices on the site. Currency conversion takes place roughly every hour. You must refer to the specific store’s policy on how they will charge your credit/debit card. DCTRY are not responsible for any changes to fees / currency conversion.  

It is in our roadmap to have live pricing from a variety of stores across the flight sim world.

More details on how it works will be made available in the near future.

Whilst we aim to ensure that each product listed is completely up-to-date, details can change from time-to-time. 

The responsibility for updating listings will be held with developer or publisher that submitted the product listing. 

We actively encourage and motivate the developers to make sure that their product listing is accurate to better support the community and help with their engagement.

We do have a report system in place to allow our community to help fix things when they’re wrong. Please use that tool to help us become even more accurate and detailed.

The blue ‘tick’ means that the information has been verified by a developer to be accurate.

Those without don’t mean that the details are incorrect, but that it has yet to be confirmed as accurate by the developer or publisher. 

A developer who submits their own listing will automatically have the ‘tick’ applied.


Signing up as a developer means you can claim an airport listing as your own (as a developer) and also edit the details if you need to update or change them.

Yes. Registering an account as a developer is free?

Make sure you register for a regular account using some kind company email address. Then click on “Register as Developer” and follow the instructions. Your account will then be manually approved in a reasonable time frame.

Once you’re an approved developer, you will be able to add your own products to DCTRY. From the account menu, click on “Add Listing” and then you’ll be able to add details. 

Follow the instructions and ensure you complete as much information as possible.

Once submitted, your product will then be approved in a reasonable time frame.

If you need to edit a listing, you can do so yourself, pending approval. 

To do so, from your account menu, click on “My Products” and then ‘Edit’. You can then change whichever details. Your changes will then be sent to DCTRY for approval. 

If a product was uploaded by the DCTRY team, you will be able to claim it. Claiming it entitles you to promote and edit the listing. 

To claim, you can click on the ‘claim’ button. 

The DCTRY team will verify the claim and take the appropriate action. You will then be notified upon a successful claim.

If you have a product you want to make the front page of DCTRY or be high up the rankings in someone’s search, you can promote it. Products which are promoted will appear in favour of others in people’s searches.

From the user menu, click on My Listings and you will see a list of all your products. Click on the “promote” button and then select your duration. 7 Days, 14 Days or 30 Days. You will then be taken to the appropriate page to complete your order.

DCTRY does not store any credit or debit card information. All of the transaction processing is handled by our trusted partners at Stripe.